Monday, January 22, 2007

my imaginary boyfriend blogs!

Jumping on a band wagon is no easy thing for my imaginary boyfriend. The boyfriend and I both have a bit of the Emersonian streak in us tending to "march to the beat of our own drummer" rather than follow a crowd. This trait has served us well at times(we've both managed to steer clear of any cults) and not so well at others (we just couldn't manage to involve ourselves in the likes of Lost, 24, or Prison Break even though we have, on really good authority, heard that these are really awesome shows).

Anyway. . . long, babbling story short, my imaginary boyfriend and I have finally started a blog! Welcome to the 21st century MIBF! The addy for the new blog is . Now I have to go pitch a special interest story to my local news affiliate about the crazy network that is MySpace!

Hearts and puppies,
erika & my imaginary boyfriend


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